Anne Havard


Gabriola Island, BC


I was born and raised in Smithers, British Columbia. After finishing high-school there, I struggled to discover what I wanted to do with my life, returning five times to various educational institutions, acquiring too many years of "interdisciplinary" post-secondary education and training, before discovering the artist in myself, at the age of 30.

When I finally did realize that what I wanted to do was paint, in 1985, I took to it with a vengeance and went to live in the hamlet of Atlin, in northern B.C. for nine cold but rewarding winter months. Surrounded by wilderness and cold, I did nothing but paint - under the guidance of respected local artist, Dave Nehring, who taught me a great deal and fired my enthusiasm.

From there I returned to Smithers, determined to make art my career path - and have not looked back since. My inspiration comes mostly from the natural environment around me, and when I first started painting, my work was fairly realistic. As time passes, my work becomes more and more removed from realism as I play with color and composition. I try always to get mood and movement into my paintings, but also love exploring design, pattern and texture. Every time I start a work, something different captures my interest and challenges me. I never really know from one painting to the next what sort of image I'll want to create, and I try to let my intuition guide me.

I've been painting for over twenty-five years now; for two years running, my art was chosen to represent the Northwest Zone of British Columbia in Objects and Images', an annual province-wide juried art exhibition, first in Penticton, and then Prince George, B.C. I have had eight solo-exhibitions in the Smithers area, and exhibited my work all over Northwestern B.C, and in Vancouver, B.C., Waterton Park, Lethbridge and Canmore, Alberta.

I just recently moved to Gabriola Island, one of the 'Gulf Islands between Vancouver & Vancouver Island, and have my second 'Red Door Studio', where I continue to paint, constantly driven to create, using paper, color, composition, pattern, design, and texture.


Shells on the Windowsill by Anne Havard


Clamshell-on-the-sand by Anne Havard


Long Beach Driftwood sculpture by Anne Havard


Sand Patterns along Long Beach BC by Anne Havard


Loooong Beach by Anne Havard


Mossy Mast by Anne Havard


Biking-on-the-Beach by Anne Havard


Lumps and Bumps along Gabriola's shoreline by Anne Havard


Inside the fort by Anne Havard


Gabriola Island scene by Anne Havard


Reflection of Basket Design by Anne Havard


Alpine groundcover - False Hellebore by Anne Havard


Alpine Groundcover by Anne Havard


Alpine Flowers by Anne Havard


Solo afternoon by Anne Havard


Berry Point beach scene by Anne Havard


Red Door Studio on Gabriola Island by Anne Havard


Rupert Totem-2 by Anne Havard


Blue Daisies by Anne Havard


Daisy arrangement by Anne Havard


Badland Mud by Anne Havard


Kleanza Creek by Anne Havard


Kleanza Rocks II by Anne Havard


Grande Cache Stream by Anne Havard


Roger's Pass by Anne Havard


Lethbridge Storm by Anne Havard


Badland Negative by Anne Havard


Horsetails by Anne Havard


Very old forest by Anne Havard


Dead Log by Anne Havard


Spring Flowers II by Anne Havard


Spring Flowers by Anne Havard


Red Poppy by Anne Havard


Devil's Club by Anne Havard


Fall Cow Parsnips by Anne Havard


Kiseguecla Bracken Fern by Anne Havard


Tumbled Thimble Berry by Anne Havard


Fall Thimbleberry by Anne Havard


Alderbark and purple lichen by Anne Havard


Alderbark and green lichen by Anne Havard


Lichen by Anne Havard


Old Machine Wood by Anne Havard


Blackstream Mosaic III by Anne Havard


Blackstream Mosaic by Anne Havard


Rupert Totem by Anne Havard


Daisies by Anne Havard


Nasturtiums by Anne Havard